GS98-10 Powder Silber - 96%

GS98-10 Powder Silber - 96%

Product no.: GS98-10

GS98-10  Powder Silber -  96%  Silver content Firing rang 700- 800°C -  Highest quality Silver, ground very fine, after firing and polishing beautiful looking!  For Painting you can use differnt mediums. I use generally turpentinue with fatoil to mix the Silver and put one drop of M44-Medium 1 into it, to hold the Silver longer paintable. To Paint Silver lines: Use a lot of silber in the brush and  look that the lines fine and intense. To Paint bigger surfaces: Paint the silver in 3 layers in different directions.( You can firing in between) To polish Lines: Use first a soft fiberglass pen and after you polish it with a Agat-S37. To polish bigger surfaces: 1.Use first a really fine Sandpaper ( for water use only) to smoth the top of the Silver surface. 2. After use a soft glasfiber brush. 3. To get the Silver now really shiny, use the "S2 Polish-felt" (in a Dremel) with S3 Silverpolish-fluid. Only with a very little pressure and circular motion "you will get a fantastic looking silver."   If you use this product the first time, .. test it before!"

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