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B20 brush handles - Set of 4 brush handles - lacquered wood, for the Brush-Series B1 to B7 " for middle and big sizes 2 until 9, to attach the natural quill Porcelain brush"  Important: Please attach the brushes very gentle and without pressure on the right stems. Tip: You can also hold the natural quill of the brush before in hot water. The quill get more soft and flexible and better to attach. Brush Care while painting with turpentine and fat oil: Clean the brush with turpentine or pure alcohol and remove the brush after from the handle. Store them in a small metal box on a little cloth with a bit lavender or clove oil on top. The brush get not dry and stay in a good condition. Brush Care while painting with not drying medium: Clean brushes with turpentine or pure alcohol and put  after  some medium (not dry) in the brush and store it in a small box. The set includes 4 Brushhandles in 4 various sizes. length 21cm,  Made in Germany

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